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    適時檢查干燥機工作狀態 做好日常維護工作

    來源:杭州優聯超濾設備有限公司  日期:2017-05-12 09:32:27  點擊:2395  屬于:行業動態
         The main purpose of the dryer is to remove the moisture in the compressed air, with a cold and dry machine can remove more than 90% of saturated water vapor. If the rear part of the chiller still has a lot of water, it is necessary to check the cold and dry machine. And if the internal heat exchanger inside the dryer leaks, this will cause a portion of the compressed air to go directly from the dryer outlet without passing through the evaporator.
       The drain is a fragile part of the dryer, although it is small but it is an important part. Dryer to remove water must be discharged through the drainage machine, if the drain is blocked or damaged can not be properly drained, then the cold and dry machine lost the water removal function, compressed air in the water will be intact to the rear of the pipeline. Therefore, if you encounter the case of poor water removal, you should carefully check the working conditions of the drainage.

              Industry insiders said that although the dryer more types, but the daily maintenance work is not much, the operator should not be ignored. In the maintenance process, the operator in addition to timely cleaning the condenser, the other is often check the work of the drainage device, a clogging phenomenon should be promptly cleaned. If it is slightly blocked, you can pour a little detergent into the drain, and then shake up and down several times can be cleaned. If the blockage is more serious, you need to drain the decomposition of cleaning. If there is a drainage that can not be cleaned, the expert advice should be replaced immediately.
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