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    來源:杭州優聯超濾設備有限公司  日期:2017-05-31 14:16:04  點擊:2470  屬于:行業動態
    energy conservation
    * pre cooler by countercurrent exchange, improve the cooling capacity and maximum utilization, back to temperature, dew;
    This machine adopts the cold dry tube shell type design international advanced special channel heat exchanger structure, anti ice blocking ability and lower pressure drop; at the same time, greatly improve the efficiency of heat transfer;
    This cold and dry machine adopts the world famous brand compressor (Matsushita, Daikin, Copeland, Hanbell, Danfoss), high energy efficiency ratio.
    More than the same level of product corrosion resistance, long service life:
    More than the same level of product refrigeration system of copper fin and thickened, so increased the thickness of the material of the cavity.
    More efficient heat exchanger and condenser:
    The pre cooler design unique *, so as to fully heat, greatly reduces the evaporator load, so the refrigerant compressor power consumption is low, only the common cold and dry machine (70% energy-saving effect);
    Motor. The external rotor fan with low noise and high performance:
    This unique patent water system, water efficiency reached 99.99%; the patent drainage system greatly reduces the failure rate of the drainage device, prolongs the service life!
    This low noise, large air volume, low energy consumption.
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