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    The analysis of heat transfer process (thermal analysis) is the theoretical basis for the design and manufacture of any thermal equipment. Cold and dry machine thermal calculation according to the compressed air condition (mainly inlet pressure and temperature), the cooling process of the refrigeration system to supply cooling capacity Q, pre cooler and evaporator load distribution calculation, cold and dry machine displacement, and also can be used to forecast the exhaust dry bulb temperature t4.
    As a matter of fact, the cold dryer is a compound heat exchanger consisting of two heat exchangers. There are three different states of fluid involved in the heat exchange.
    (1) in the precooler, the hot fluid is a high temperature saturated compressed air, and the cold fluid is the relatively dry compressed air after cooling. The water equivalent of the two parts is very close to the product of constant pressure and specific heat.
    The thermal fluid in the evaporator is the saturated compressed air which has been reduced in advance by the temperature, and the cold fluid is the refrigerant steam.
    The evaporator provides a cold source by an independent refrigeration system, while the cold source of the precooler comes from the compressed air cooled by the evaporator, and thus does not have independence. Therefore, in the whole process of heat exchange, the function of the precooler is to recover part of the cooling capacity produced by the refrigeration system and reduce the energy consumption of the whole machine.
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