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    1、在使用空壓機之前,您應該仔細翻閱空壓機使用手冊。 2、要想有效的節省電能,用戶就要注意空壓機房的通風散熱,空壓機房環境溫度過高,相當于降低了空壓機效率,排氣量減少,能耗增加。環境溫度每升高100°C,相當于空壓機效率降低越3%。
    5、空壓機盡量集中供氣。如果空壓機分散配置在全廠各地,管線獨立,既增加購置成本,也增加了管線成本和運行維護費用。特別是如果管道漏氣嚴重而沒有及時發現,以為用氣量不足了,用新購空壓機來補充不足的用氣量,造成浪費,以一處7 kg/cm2g,10 mm泄漏點計算,假定電費人民幣1元/度,一年8000小時將浪費32萬人民幣的電費。
    1, before using the air compressor, you should read the air compressor manual carefully.
    2, in order to effectively save energy, users should pay attention to the air compressor room ventilation heat dissipation, air compressor room environment temperature is too high, equivalent to reduce the efficiency of air compressor, reduce the exhaust volume, increase energy consumption. Every 100°C increase in ambient temperature is equivalent to a 3% decrease in air compressor efficiency.
    3, in addition, the air compressor room to keep clean and tidy. Air compressor room environment is too dirty, easy to cause air compressor filter, oil filter, oil and gas separator clogging, lubricating oil pollution acceleration, frequent replacement.
    4, the air compressor for regular maintenance, try to use the original factory accessories. If the air compressor maintenance is not good or long-term maintenance, small problems will accumulate into a major failure, the life of the machine artificially shortened.
    5, air compressor as far as possible centralized air supply. If the air compressor is distributed throughout the plant, independent pipeline, not only increase the purchase cost, but also increase the pipeline cost and operation and maintenance costs. Especially if the pipeline leakage is serious and not found in time, because the gas consumption is insufficient, the air compressor is newly purchased to supplement the insufficient gas consumption, resulting in waste. The calculation is based on a leakage point of 7 kg/cm2g and 10 mm, assuming that the electricity cost is 1 yuan/KWH, a year 8000 hours will waste the electricity cost of 320,000 yuan.
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