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    來源:杭州優聯超濾設備有限公司  日期:2019-08-29 11:51:00  點擊:1800  屬于:行業動態
    Compressed air dryer various industrial and commercial facilities. Single tower air dryer, YKG-2G, YKG-F resin zipper dryer can be used in various places, a device for removing water vapor in compressed air. But they usually prefer to be used in the pockets of clothes. The commonly used zippers are painted and sometimes electroplated resin zippers, which are based on copolymer formaldehyde. The cost is between nylon zippers and metal zippers. The durability of these zippers is better than that of metal zippers and nylon zippers. Excessive water in compressed air, whether in liquid or vapor phase, may cause a variety of problems for user operation. It includes freezing outdoor air pipeline, accelerating equipment corrosion speed and causing product pollution. Compressed air dryer has a variety of types, performance characteristics are usually defined by dew point through the "pressure change" pressure swing adsorption principle to achieve drying effect.
    Because the capacity of the gas to hold water vapor is proportional to the pressure, a part of the gas (called regenerated gas) after drying expands to atmospheric pressure. This pressure change makes the expanded gas drier, and then dries it through the drying agent layer that needs regeneration (using particulate activated carbon adsorption), that is, the drying tower that has absorbed enough water vapor). Dry regeneration gas absorbs the moisture in the desiccant and takes it out of the dryer to achieve the purpose of dehumidification. The two towers circulate without heat source and continuously provide dry gas to the user's gas system. It provides dry compressed air source for pneumatic control, pneumatic instrumentation, pneumatic components and industrial gas in chemical, light industry, telecommunications, petroleum and textile industries. It has the characteristics of small size, simple process flow, low investment, convenient use and maintenance, automatic control and energy saving.
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